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Do you think the 911 events were an inside job , with full involment of Bush cabinet over the attack to our own people?
I believe was an inside job, the evidence is out there.
 81% [ 25 ]
I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but I understand some government agencies were trying to hide theirs errors.
 3% [ 1 ]
Whoever believe in the Inside job theory is out of his mind.
 13% [ 4 ]
I'm not informed enough to made an educated choice.
 3% [ 1 ]
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 NWO plans to create a Police State and the coming flu pandemic.

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PostSubject: NWO plans to create a Police State and the coming flu pandemic.   Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:49 am

As most politically educated americans understand there is a combination of factors, currently taking place in our lives that will have a huge impact in our quality of live and our constitutional freedoms. Some of them, the huge amount of power exert in Congress for the Drugs companies and theirs agenda to massively vaccinate all US population, the well know eugenic plans to reduce the world population (plans from the CFR and the infamous NWO) , plus the goverment cooperation and active endorsement of the world elite (read it as NWO).Some of the big changes are taking places under special circumstances, these are crisis like the of events of 2001 ( starting with 911), crisis craftly staged by our current goverment officials to push a national crisis and create the seeds for a permanent state of emergency, a police state, where they will take away from you the most fundamentals constitutional rights , like your freedom of speech, or your legit right to decide by yourself in matters of health care, or even worst, your rights to defend yourself owning a gun.

Well most goverment trusting citizens will question what or hows are these series of "CRISIS" are been create or staged, well there are quite a few possible scenarios about possible events to happen in the near future:

1-Flu pandemic: in case a US flu pandemic a health care state of emergency will be implemented, where forced vaccination will be in place plus we will be tagged as cows to the slauther house, and genetically selected ( depending of your ethnic or racial makeup or even worst depended from your neural responses to the ongoing situation, yeas people more mellow or in content will likely survive longer once vacinated!! )to live or die shorter or longer depends of the regionally depended type of sirup vaccine you will be exposed.Refuse and you will be quarentine to camps been created as we speak by FEMA, a place you will most likely work for free and isolated.NWO, Rockefellers and alike say BINGO!

Next possible scenarios are below, I will not elaborate for now , I will go in details later in each of the following.

2-A man made and engineering createe category 7.5 or bigger earthquake out of LA. Million people die, others million relocated, national emergency , FEMA rush to RFID tags all survivors, and Washintong rip off states to some of the traces of independence left on them after they financial holocaust, forcing states to recive and shelter survivors.Guns are ban, food, water racioned.Date 2012.

3-A man created and geological engineered lava eruption into the high atmosphere from the infamous Yellowstone supervolcano.I believe thy are not ready yet for this one, if miscalcuated would been doom US military and estrategic capabilities, leaving a vacuom of power ready to be fill by China or a Russia and...... alliance of sort.this one is a biggie could mean death for at least a quarter of US population.Date December 2012.

4- A multiples series of genetically design virus and bacteria or even nanorobots ( Morgellons disease is believe to be a bioweapon nanorobot been tested as we speak in Texas, Florida, California and any other state with a lot of immigration) pandemics. This one is the most feared by me, your chances to survive are only to live in isolation and of course been food and energy independent , now the hardest part, been invisible or undetected to the state police official , only realistic chance will be leaving the hell out to other country, like Brazil, Mexico, or even Cuba.

5-Many others scenarios around the Maya prophecy in DEC 2012.Is hard to admitt they will loose the opportunity to use the 2012 singularity to their advantage, achieving a drastic reduction of US population and total elimination of US Constitutrion and total surrendering of US independence to UN, so BINGO! again for the NWO elite.6-Satellite and holographic Simulation of the coming of the Messiah  some info have been filtrated to public domain , a project call Project Blue Beam have been tested already in isolated areas in the desert, this one will be a technological  mayor steps, more easily implemented in Third World countries, will lower and more hard to access electronic technologies, I guess, well I know the elite already have a type of electromagnetic invisibility but even like that .That stunt is gonna be really hard to swallow. Date Right after the great massacre of 2012.
7- Same as # 6 but instead of the coming of Christ will be the Grays Reptilians of Zeta Reticuli.
Please check the following video and plan #1

"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth."
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
Arthur Schopenhauer
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NWO plans to create a Police State and the coming flu pandemic.
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